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Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision rhinoplasty is a specialized surgical procedure that addresses aesthetic or functional issues that remain after a prior nose surgery. This is an extremely complex procedure that necessitates meticulous planning and experience, so you must contact plastic surgeons specializing in rhinoplasty, such as Dr. Fahradyan.

Repair Or Refine Your Rhinoplasty Results

Revision rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure aimed at addressing issues that persist following a previous nose surgery. It can repair or refine the results of primary rhinoplasty, correcting cosmetic imperfections or functional problems. This intricate procedure requires a skilled surgeon like Dr. Fahradyan to navigate the complexities of altered nasal anatomy. Whether to correct asymmetry, breathing difficulties, or unsatisfactory aesthetics, revision rhinoplasty allows patients to achieve their desired nasal appearance and function.

Revision Rhinoplasty Corrects:

  • Persistent cosmetic concerns
  • Functional issues after primary nose surgery
  • Asymmetry or irregularities
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Unwanted aesthetic results

Revision Rhinoplasty Preparation Guidelines:

  • Consult with Dr. Fahradyan to discuss your expectations and concerns.
  • Share your complete medical history and any medications or supplements you’re taking.
  • Stop smoking and avoid blood-thinning medications in the weeks leading up to surgery.
  • Arrange for transportation to and from the surgical facility.
  • Ensure you have a support system in place for your post-operative recovery.
  • Follow any pre-operative fasting instructions provided by Dr. Fahradyan.
  • Prepare your home for recovery with soft foods, cold packs, and medications.
  • Plan time off from work or other commitments as needed for recovery.
  • Avoid alcohol in the days leading up to your surgery.
  • Maintain good overall health through diet and exercise.

Revision Rhinoplasty Aftercare Guidelines:

  • Follow your surgeon’s post-operative instructions diligently.
  • Take prescribed pain medications and antibiotics as directed.
  • Keep your head elevated to reduce swelling and promote healing.
  • Apply cold compresses to the surgical area to minimize swelling and bruising.
  • Avoid strenuous physical activity for several weeks after surgery.
  • Do not wear glasses or sunglasses that rest on the nose for a few weeks.
  • Clean incision sites as instructed, being gentle to avoid disruption.
  • Attend all follow-up appointments with Dr. Fahradyan for monitoring and guidance.
  • Protect your nose from direct sun exposure during the healing process.
  • Maintain a healthy diet to support your body’s recovery.

Revision Rhinoplasty FAQs

Why might someone need a revision rhinoplasty?

Revision rhinoplasty may be necessary if the initial rhinoplasty didn’t achieve the desired results or if complications like breathing difficulties or asymmetry occur. It’s also an option for individuals who experience changes in their nose’s appearance as they age.

How does revision rhinoplasty differ from primary rhinoplasty?

Unlike primary rhinoplasty, which typically involves modifying the natural nasal structure, revision rhinoplasty often requires more complex techniques due to altered anatomy. Dr. Fahradyan may use cartilage grafts from the septum or ear to rebuild and reshape the nose.

What is recovery like after a revision rhinoplasty?

Recovery time varies but usually involves swelling and bruising for a few weeks. Patients should follow post-operative instructions, including keeping their heads elevated. Most patients resume daily activities within a few days, but strenuous workouts should be avoided for a few weeks.

Why Choose Dr. Artur Fahradyan?

Dr. Artur Fahradyan is a board-eligible plastic surgeon with residency training in plastic and reconstructive surgery from the University of Southern California. What sets Dr. Artur Fahradyan apart is his commitment to delivering high-quality, natural aesthetic results. He understands that no two patients are the same and approaches each case with the utmost attention to detail. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Fahradyan to initiate your rhinoplasty journey.

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