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Claire Farne, RN

Clinical Aesthetic
Nurse Specialist

Claire is our esteemed Clinical Aesthetic Nurse Specialist with 17 years of experience in aesthetics. Specializing in non-surgical skin treatments, Claire brings a wealth of expertise to our plastic surgery practice. As a leader in cosmetic procedures, Claire excels in Botox, filler injections, and laser treatments. Her extensive experience and commitment to the latest techniques ensure our patients receive the highest standard of care and achieve optimal results. Claire’s passion for aesthetics is matched by her dedication to patient satisfaction. Her warm, approachable demeanor and technical proficiency create a reassuring environment for those seeking non-surgical enhancements. With Claire as a vital part of our team, we proudly offer cutting-edge, personalized aesthetic solutions that enhance and rejuvenate, all under the care of a true expert in the field.

Mary Rose Blaier

Office Manager

Mary Rose Bleier serves as our dedicated Office Manager. With an impressive 13 years of experience in patient care services, Mary Rose is a cornerstone of our team, ensuring a seamless and compassionate experience for our valued patients. Mary Rose stands out for her exceptional communication skills, which she employs with grace and professionalism in every interaction. She plays a vital role in maintaining the high standards of our plastic surgery practice. Her unwavering dedication to patient satisfaction and well-being makes her an invaluable asset to our team, reflecting our commitment to delivering exceptional care at every stage of the patient journey.

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