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Discover the possibilities of rhinoplasty at MD Art Plastic Surgery. Our specialized services include primary rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty, teenage rhinoplasty, ethnic rhinoplasty, and cleft rhinoplasty, each tailored to individual needs. Dr. Artur Fahradyan ensures every procedure aligns with your unique aesthetic goals and facial anatomy.

Primary Rhinoplasty

Primary rhinoplasty involves the first-time surgical alteration of the nose for aesthetic or functional purposes. It is typically sought by individuals looking to improve nasal aesthetics, correct congenital deformities, or address functional issues such as breathing difficulties. During primary rhinoplasty, the surgeon sculpts the nasal structure to achieve the desired shape and size, ensuring harmony with other facial features while maintaining or improving nasal function.


Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision rhinoplasty is performed to correct or enhance the results of a previous nose surgery. It may be necessary due to dissatisfaction with the initial outcome, functional impairment, or aesthetic complications resulting from the primary procedure. Revision rhinoplasty demands advanced surgical skills and a thorough understanding of the underlying anatomical changes. Dr. Fahradyan meticulously assesses each case to devise personalized strategies to achieve optimal results and restore balance to the nasal profile.


Teenage Rhinoplasty

Teenage rhinoplasty addresses the aesthetic concerns or functional issues of adolescents who have completed nasal development, typically around the age of 15 or older for girls and 17 or older for boys. While physical maturity is a crucial factor in determining candidacy, emotional readiness, and realistic expectations are equally important. Dr. Fahradyan maintains open communication with both the teenager and their parents and only recommends the procedure if he’s confident that it’s in the teenager’s best interests.


Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Ethnic rhinoplasty celebrates the diversity of nasal structures across different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds. It focuses on preserving the unique features of an individual’s ethnic heritage while addressing specific concerns or functional issues. Whether it involves refining the tip, narrowing the bridge, or enhancing overall symmetry, ethnic rhinoplasty requires a nuanced understanding of facial aesthetics across different ethnicities. Dr. Fahradyan helps the patient achieve their desired nasal contours while preserving the markers of their identity.


Cleft Rhinoplasty

Cleft rhinoplasty is a specialized procedure to correct nasal deformities resulting from cleft lip and palate conditions. These congenital anomalies can significantly impact facial appearance, nasal function, and overall quality of life. Cleft rhinoplasty aims to reconstruct the nasal architecture, improve breathing, and restore facial symmetry in individuals affected by cleft lip and palate. Dr. Fahradyan addresses both aesthetic and functional aspects of the nose to achieve transformative outcomes for cleft patients.


Why Choose Dr. Artur Fahradyan?

Dr. Artur Fahradyan at MD Art Plastic Surgery is a board-eligible plastic surgeon renowned for his commitment to excellence. With a fellowship in craniofacial surgery from the University of Southern California, his expertise spans a comprehensive range of cosmetic plastic surgery procedures. Dr. Fahradyan specializes in delivering high-quality, natural aesthetic outcomes that reflect each patient’s unique beauty. Schedule a consultation to experience personalized care and discover the possibilities under his expert guidance.

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