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Meet Artur Fahradyan, MD

Welcome to MD Art Plastic Surgery, our premier plastic surgery practice led by Dr. Artur Fahradyan in Westlake Village. Dr. Fahradyan is a board-eligible plastic surgeon committed to delivering natural aesthetic outcomes for all patients. He prioritizes your comfort, safety, and unique needs and curates personalized treatments to help you achieve your goals.

Education & Credentials

Dr. Artur Fahradyan is a distinguished graduate of the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery residency program at the University of Southern California (USC), where he earned recognition for his exceptional research and scholarly achievements during his training. His surgical journey began in Boston, where he completed two years of General Surgery training at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, a Harvard Medical School Teaching Hospital.

Driven by his passion for plastic surgery, Dr. Fahradyan dedicated three years to clinical research at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, focusing on craniofacial anomalies. He co-authored over 30 peer-reviewed articles and contributed to more than 80 abstracts. He presented his research at 20+ national and international conferences and earned prestigious awards and recognitions. Dr. Fahradyan is also a co-author of two book chapters.

After completing his residency in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at USC, Dr. Fahradyan pursued advanced fellowship training in Craniofacial Surgery at the University of Southern California, further enhancing his knowledge in the field.

Commitment to
Personalized Care

Dr. Fahradyan’s commitment to personalized care is unwavering. He understands that each individual has unique needs, desires, and concerns. He takes the time to listen, ensuring a deep understanding of your goals. With this personalized approach, he crafts customized plans, guiding you toward achieving your aesthetic goals while preserving your unique beauty. Your comfort, safety, and satisfaction are his top priorities.

Specialization & Interests

Dr. Fahradyan offers a comprehensive range of cosmetic plastic surgery procedures, ensuring high-quality, natural-looking outcomes. His areas of special interest include primary and revision rhinoplasty, facelift, eyelid, and ear surgeries. Dr. Fahradyan’s extensive training and research in craniofacial surgery have endowed him with an unparalleled understanding of facial anatomy and procedures. This allows him to consistently deliver outstanding results.

In his private practice, Dr. Fahradyan also provides facial reconstructive procedures and specializes in orthognathic (jaw) surgeries. In addition to his private practice, he dedicates a significant portion of his time to hospital settings, where he performs intricate craniofacial reconstructive procedures for pediatric and adult patients. This underscores his unwavering dedication to delivering great patient care.

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MD Art Plastic Surgery, led by Dr. Artur Fahradyan, is committed to helping you realize your aesthetic goals. When you visit our practice, you can rest assured that Dr. Fahradyan will carefully listen to your goals and concerns, review your medical history, and curate a personalized treatment plan that elevates your natural beauty. Please schedule your consultation with Dr. Fahradyan to initiate your aesthetic journey.

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